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15 years ago started with telephony over the internet for small and medium-sized businesses. Growing with the current possibilities, our team has developed a simple but effective product that has replaced your old-fashioned telephone exchange with an internet-based communication system. Cloud storage and Cloud music and now also Cloud Telephony. We are available 24 hours a day wherever you are to help if support is required from us

Our Product

A product that keeps your company accessible wherever you are in the world under your fixed business number. Dial-in numbers can effortlessly walk all paths of your choice from group calling to forwarding or to an answering machine outside office hours. The business world cannot cope with today’s social media phone or video solutions alone. It will be better than expected how easy and how fast you have your own Cloud Phone system up and running.

Our Focus

Cloud Telephony means that you receive a local call on a fixed business telephone line provided by us and can receive this call via the Cloud anywhere in the world, even on your mobile phone. Not via traditional expensive telephone connections, but in most cases just for free. Our Focus is to supplement your current existing telecommunication infrastructure with the nomadic characteristics of Cloud Telephony, but also to examine your existing infrastructure and provide you with advice where necessary.

We’re An Internet Telecommunication Design Agency.

Our technicians are developing the state of the art Internet telecommunication tools for your need.

VoIP Optimized

We convert your high speed internet connection into a new World of Telecommunications.

Easy Customization

You yourself can order and configure your required environment or we do it for you for free.

Nomadic features

Focus on your Core business while your communication needs are professionally handled by us anywhere your are!

Future growth

We service communication on smartphones, computers, laptops, specific VoIP phones and you can add new endpoints while your company grows

Great Design & Incredible Features

FREE Hosted PBX. No set-up fee. No monthly fee Three FREE endpoints. Any VoIP SIP endpoint will work. Free Softphone plus QR code configuration We can offer all major PBX features. Incoming phone Numbers or DID. Self- configurable ringgroups. Self configurable Working Hours. Free Voicemail on request IVR on request No predictive diallers allowed . Lowest available International tariffs provided with highly advanced Least Cost Routing mechanism from Worlds best Carriers. Billing IN- and OUTBOUND always per second. You configure, pay us, connect your endpoints and call. .

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Our Services

Go Cloud Telephone System

Imagine yourself as a start-up or as a small or medium-sized company and you want to be available to the outside world on your business number. With the advent of the Internet and applications, it is no longer necessary to have a physical telephone exchange. We already have it waiting for you in the Cloud. This immediately saves you a lot of money in calling rates and maintenance costs. All that remains to connect are the telephones. This no longer happens with a cable in the wall, but with connecting your internet peripheral devices to the internet. Your IP Phones are automatically programmed according to your requirements. Make your account

Connect Your Phone Exchange

In this case you can then have the incoming and outgoing calls processed effortlessly through our company and in some cases you save up to 80% of the usual telecommunication provider costs. Your control panel must be equipped with a special so called Voice over IP card that allows connection to the Internet. Do you already have internet telephones and want to switch to our system? Of course you can. Look in our Blog post at the telephones that can currently be connected to our system. Switching is easy and we assist you with our team. You will be up and running with your new Cloud Phone system trunk in no time. Make your account

Get your Own Business Landline

Every company needs a business phone number, in most cases a geograpic landline, and we will, of course, also provide this for you. New rules in telecommunications have ensured that it is no longer possible to request numbers worldwide without the proper paperwork like utility bill or residency. Still, many things are possible, such as requesting special non-geographically bound numbers or numbers especially for the business market. Think of 085 or 088 or even an 0800 or 0900 numbers like they for example are used in The Netherlands. You can also have your existing business telephone number ported to your new Cloud Phone System.Contact us

All IP phones deliverable through

Click here to order at

Click here to order at

Yealink SIP-T21P VoIP telefoon

Click here to order at

Click here to order at

Yealink SIP-T46S VoIP telefoon

Click here to order at

Click here to order at

Yealink SIP-T42S VoIP telefoon.


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Our Team

Tjapko Smits

Tjapko Smits


Working in the field of Telecommunications all his life Tjapko created in 2002 together with Mike.

Mike Tkachuk

Mike Tkachuk


Mike is our tech wizzard that build our complete solution. His team can tackle any technical telecommunications issue.

Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen Gonzalez

CFO / Administration

After obtaning a PHD in Business Administration Carmen joined our company in 2002 and since acting as our CFO.

Jessica Cabrera

Jessica Cabrera

Rates / Tariffs Specialist

Jessica is responsible for analysing and maintaining our outbound rates up to date with our Tier 1 carriers.

Kelly Felipe

Kelly Felipe

Marketing Specialist

Kelly makes sure that our product is what you need. We like to keep things simple but effective.

Dyron Figueroa

Dyron Figueroa

Overseas marketing strategic planner.

Dyron is allways on the move looking how the market moves and adapting it into your needs.

Our Plans - All pricing in Euros.

Cloud Telephony

FREE/ month

  • Free Cloud Telephony system
  • 3 Endpoints Free
  • Additional endpoint 1 euro p/m
  • Inbound number according tariff
  • Free configurable Ring-groups
  • Free configurable Voice-mail
  • IVR on demand
  • Apply Rates for outbound calls
  • 24/7 online Tech Support

SIP Trunking

€20/ month

  • Hosted PBX
  • IP authorization
  • Incoming Number according tariff
  • 10 concurrent outbound channels
  • No dialers allowed
  • Apply Rates for outgoing calls
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • PCMU, PCMA G729 codec support
  • All major VoIP cards supported

Phone Number

€5-25/ month

  • World Wide availability
  • Registration Required
  • Only add-on to Dial.Cheap
  • Small charge on incoming calls
  • Pricing differs per country
  • On line registration and buying
  • Monthly fee automatically charged
  • Availability as it comes
  • 24/7 Tech Support


Dec 26, 2019

As a neuro surgeon I travel between Europe and Latin America and I always carry my account with me.

Edwin Sluis

Edwin Sluis

Dec 26, 2018

Our main transportation company is based in South Africa. Customer for over 10 years with offices all over Africa and Europa. Super satisfied with the dial cheap solutions! His in- and outbound calling covers the whole world.



June 12, 2014

We are using this system in our fashion company in Milan for over 6 years now. Our sales reps travel all over the world and are always reachable! It’s highly recommandable that you start thinking on using this system.

Ton de Haar

Ton de Haar

Jan 2, 2012

Being a headhunter with our main Office in London we travel all around the world looking for prospects. Our reachabilility is number 1 and we achieved this with

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Dial.Cheap is a trademark of StartVoice NV. Our head office is based in Curacao.

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